Parent Responsibilities

Parents are strongly requested to participate in the weekly assembly (beginning 10:45 AM) as well as Salat. Parents are required to attend the first assembly of the school year where rules and regulations of the School will be explained. Other responsibilities:

Punctuality and good attendance is required. Your children will only learn if you are serious about school and the first step to being serious is attending school on time. In the case of an unavoidable absence, contact your child’s teachers beforehand to obtain the necessary lessons and homework. Excessive absences and tardiness will be addressed by the administration.

Assist your child with their homework, exams, and other school activities. The primary responsibility for the Islamic education of children lies with the parents. FIS can only be effective if you actively participate in your child’s Islamic learning experience at home. Regularly check with your children to see what handouts and homework they were given and whether that homework has been completed. Ask about the grades they are receiving on their homework and
exams and show concern/appreciation according to their performance. Teachers will correspond with parents via the communication folder assigned to each student.

Ensure that your children bring their books, paper, pencils, and other required material to class.

Parents are welcome to stay at the school and help monitor the grounds and/or volunteer in some other capacity. Sign up with VP Education, Brother Imran Mohsin to volunteer with the school.

Please pick up your children promptly at 2:00 pm. Volunteers will not monitor the grounds after this time.

Parents are not allowed in classrooms during instruction unless arrangements have been made in advance.

Parents, please review the Student Responsibilities with your children.


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