Student Responsibilities

Parents Please Review this Section with Your Child(ren).

Preparation for Class
The staff expects students to come to class prepared with needed materials. Students should always come to class with a 2-pocket folder/loose-leaf binder with an adequate supply of binder paper, two sharpened pencils and or two pens. In addition students should have books and other required classroom supplies.

Parents are encouraged to check the folders/binders regularly to keep in touch with what is being taught and what homework has been assigned. Other areas to consider:

  • Each week, bring with you a schoolbag that has pencils, eraser, paper, Quran, binder, books.
  • If possible, perform wudhu before assembly begins.
  • All property should be treated with utmost care and caution.

Please remember this is our center and we are responsible to take care of it.

  • Do not move desks or chairs from their original positions unless instructed to do so by your teachers.
  • No toys, game playing cards, magazines, or portable electronic games.
  • No cell phone use (calls/text messaging) during class time.

Punctuality and Regularity
Be on time for class, and keep absences to a minimum. The more you are late or absent, the harder it will be to stay up-to-date with what is covered in class. Avoid being absent unless you are sick. If you must miss a class, be sure to contact your teacher by phone to ask what you missed. Then be fully prepared for
the next class. There will be awards given for attendance and good citizenship.

Class Behavior
A. Be silent unless you have permission from your teacher to speak.
B. Pay close attention to what your teacher is saying.
C. Raise your hand when you have a question.
D. Go to the restroom before class, so you won’t need to go during class

General Behavior at All Times
A. Sit in an orderly way.
B. Be on best behavior with the staff and your fellow students.
C. No Yelling or running inside the school.

Dress Code
All FIS students, teachers, and volunteers are required to adhere to a dress code. This dress code is based on the Islamic principles of modesty and hijab

  • General standards for dress are as follows
    No tight or transparent clothes
    General appearance should be neat and clean, and should not distract or disrupt from the learning process.
  • Dress code specific to males:
    No shorts
    No shirts with pictures or lyrics
    No vulgar or unpleasant depictions and writing on the clothing.
  • Dress code specific to females:
    Hair should be covered completely with a scarf that is securely fastened.
    Loose pants and tops, or long skirts and dresses (all down to the ankles) are acceptable. Tops must be long and have full sleeves down to the wrist.
    No tuck-in tops, short dresses with nylons, or nail polish

Parents and family members who enter the FIS premises to drop off or pick up their children, or to participate in FIS events, are also required to adhere to the dress code.

We encourage the students to use the restrooms during the non-class hours.

Shoes on Racks
Please be sure to put your shoes neatly on the racks or lined up in row. Never wear shoes inside the center.

Saying your Salaam
Exchange Salaam-Alaikum (greetings) with the teacher, other staff members and your fellow students.

Personal Property
Students may not bring any items unrelated to school. If an item is caught during class time, it will be confiscated and returned only to the parent. Students assume responsibility for loss or damage to their clothing, equipment or books.

At 10:45 the students are expected to gather in the mens hall for an assembly. We start with a Dua. At this time the staff will welcome the students, inform them of special occasions during that Islamic month, and make reminders about school events. We may have guest speakers as well.

A. Stand in line and wait your turn.
B. Throw your own trash away.

All students are expected to participate in the Salaat. We encourage the parents to arrive at the time of Salaat and join in to set the example for their children.

Homework and Assignments
A. Turn in assignments on time.
B. Spend the proper amount of time on your assignments and do your best.
C. Ask your parents to help with homework during the week. Don’t wait until Saturday night.
D. Call your teacher if you have any questions or problems.

Progress Reporting to Parents
Report cards are issued once a year but you will receive updates and test throughout the Year. Teachers are expected to test their students regularly to assess their progress. The teachers will inform the students of upcoming tests. The parents should stay in regular contact with the teacher so there aren’t any surprises at the end of the year. Look out for tests that require a parent Signature.

We make an effort to provide supervision on school grounds during school hours. We ask that students not arrive earlier than 10:40 and leave no later than
2:00. Please be prompt in this aspect because our volunteers also lead busy lives. If there are some unforeseen circumstances, please notify us at the school.
Make sure you personally talk to one of the teachers. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Disciplinary Policy
In the event that a student breaks school rules or shows disrespect toward the staff in any way, our procedure will be as follows:
1st time – Verbal Warning
2nd time – Note Home to Parents: Note home to parent describing the behavior and request for parent signature
3rd time – Phone Call Home to Parents: Phone call to parents or a parent conference
4th time – Suspension: Suspension for a designated number of days/parent required to attend class with student to help monitor behavior.


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